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September 11, 2018

Houston Engagement Session | Alex + Gracie

11 days!! These two lovebirds are getting married at Ashton Gardens in Houston in 11 days and I cannot wait! We had so much fun at their Houston Engagement Session- with my hubby as our chauffeur.

Back in January I met up with Alex and Grace at their apartment, where he proposed, to document a little bit of their love story. Something these two love- breweries and their home in Houston, TX! We traveled all over the city for their Houston Engagement Session and had so much fun getting to know each other.

Alex and Gracie found me through a mutual friend and I am so glad they did! We explored Houston on Sunday morning, but we hung out the night before at an epic wedding celebration for two of our friends (check back for that post). We hit it off immediately! You know those people who you can just tell were meant to be in your life? That’s Alex and Gracie. Sometimes I wish Texas wasn’t so huge and we lived closer together. (I know 3 hours is not THAT far.)

I can’t wait to share their wedding! Take a peek into their Houston engagement session and view a little bit of the sweet love they share. See if you recognize some of these iconic Houston locations!

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