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I never thought I would be a photographer. Never. But now that I am, I know that there is no job more perfect for me. I feel like God uses me to the fullest through photography and the relationships I get to build are what I love the most about this job that is my passion. My heart is to help people see and BE their best self. My hope is that when you walk away from your session you feel loved and encouraged. Don’t we all need that?

I’m a small town Texas girl that’s in love with living near Austin. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and I love him the most because he believes in all my dreams and makes me laugh until I hurt. You can find me waking up before the sun, drinking iced soy chai, and taking care of all my plants. Laughing is my literal favorite thing. 

Nothing fills my soul more than a good adventure and the opportunity to explore a new place. I love finding beauty all around me and even in the most unexpected places. My favorite places in the world- London, California (my home away from home), and my Granny’s house! Traveling rejuvenates my soul. When I get to explore a new or familiar place, it’s like everything inside of me is full of life and I am the most ME. Photoshoots are an adventure that you get to join me on- and I love that!

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I love moments and stories. I love that each and every one of us is different and we all have a beautiful story to tell. I love that through photography, God is using me to capture moments and help people tell their stories. I feel like God uses the gifts He has given me most fully through photography. I love photography because I believe it helps me see others through His eyes and I hope you can see what He sees through your photos.

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“Make Everyday an Adventure.” I was raised to value experiences over material things. There is so much world to see and I literally want to see it all. Traveling fills my soul like nothing else in this world can. I hope my adventures inspire you to get out and have your own- whether big or small. And while you’re at it, that grocery trip you have to make, it can be an adventure too, if you choose to make it one!

Make Everyday an Adventure


I love people. I love to build relationships and encourage others to see and BE their best self. Life isn’t easy, but the way we grow through the things we go through can make or break us. I hope to always be vulnerable and be an encouragement through the voice God has given me. I am growing daily and I hope you can join me on this journey of life and grow with me. 

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